Tera Harz TC-85 – World’s first resin for Direct Print Aligners with Shape Memory

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Graphy Tera Harz TC-85

Print aligners and not the models

This is now possible with the world’s first resin for 3D-printed aligners with shape memory. Tera Harz TC-85 was created by Graphy Inc., a South Korean company. In a very short period this revolutionary new material has changed the way aligner treatments are planned and executed.

Aligner 4.0


Direct Print Aligners

No models, no thermoforming and therefore less waste.


Individual Design

Better fit to the teeth for better tracking and a more effective treatment.



Overcome the uneven thinning of the aligners that occurs with thermoformed aligners.



Modify the thickness to apply more or less force depending on the objective.


Shape Memory Effect

When exposed to body temperature Direct Print Aligners return to their original shape. No permanent deformation.


Aligners are inserted easily after warming in hot water. No hustle with crowded teeth or attachments.


Skip attachments that would be needed with thermoformed aligners or design auxiliaries directly on the aligners.

Tera Harz TC-85 can do all this and more!

We are only at the beginning of Aligner 4.0!

Aligner production with latest technology

Tera Harz TC-85

  • Fully biocompatible Shape Memory Photopolymer.
  • CE and KFDA Medical Device certification and FDA approved.
  • Available as TC-85 DAC (Direct Aligner Clear) and TC-85 DAW (Direct Aligner White).
  • Printers validated by Graphy include UNIZ NBEE and UNIZ SLASH 2 PLUS.
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Uniform thickness

Compared to thermoformed aligners


Constant light forces

Over the entire treatment


Better fit & easy insertion

Of the aligner


Better tracking

For more control and a more effective treatment

Tera Harz Cure 2

A special light-cure unit for a special material

To make the most of the resin’s capabilities, including color and physical properties, it’s essential to cure the TC-85 resin in a THC2 light-curing unit. Specifically designed for this resin, the light-curing device employs a customizable, high-energy UV LED light source along with a linked nitrogen generator*.

*The nitrogen generator requires a compressed air feed with minimum of 7 bar and an intake of 100 l / min. Compressors should have a tank volume of min. 20 l.
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Save up to 5 custom programs
FORESTADENT - Digital Products - Graph Benefits - Security automation
Auto-cooling & Safety
Temperature control and safety shut down at critical LED-temp
FORESTADENT - Digital Products - Graph Benefits - Touchscreen
7.9” Touch Screen
FORESTADENT - Digital Products - Graphy - N
Enhanced curing with built-in compact nitrogen generator
FORESTADENT - Digital Products - Graph Benefits - Light Uniformity
LED Light Source
High intensity & uniform 360° LED irradiation
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Tera Harz Spinner

Cleaning with centrifugal force

Unlike conventional 3D printing resins, the aligners made of TC-85 must not be washed in alcohol (isopropanol). After 3D printing, they are placed in the Tera Harz Spinner. Centrifugal forces are used to remove the excess material adhering to the surface. The Tera Harz Spinner is thus an indispensable part of the manufacturing process of aligners printed with TC-85.

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Further information and details can be found in our brochure.